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Gary Haas speaks in Las Vegas

Gary Haas speaks in Las Vegas - 2Gary Haas speaks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – Gary Haas, owner of Haas Photography of Beaver Dam, WI, along with his son, Adam Haas, recently returned from a speaking engagement at a 3-day Marketing Boot Camp for Professional Photographers in Las Vegas, NV. Gary was one of several featured experts to educate the international audience on the latest technological advances going on in the photography industry.

Gary and Adam have been researching, studying and attending workshops & seminars over the last 14 months to pull together all of the technologies necessary to master on-line marketing. As part of that process they have assembled a team of experts capable of taking complex search-engine technologies and making them work together seamlessly and easily for the average user. The result is a system that helps studio owners supercharge their on-line marketing. Currently, the system is being made available to a core group of charter member studios for further research and development. After that, the program will be rolled out nationally. Studios will have exclusive rights to their own local market area.
Gary states, “A few years ago we realized that we had to upgrade our own website so visitors could find us on-line more easily and would have a better experience on our website once they got there. We were extremely frustrated by the tools available and the hassle of making changes to our site in a timely manner. Everyone we talked to complained about web developers, and how they never got any traffic to their site, and how they never got any business from it, and that it was a big waste of money.  The rapid growth in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others added another whole challenge, too. About that same time, our son, Adam, joined the studio making it a 3rd generation family business. His interest and abilities added the additional spark we needed. Together, we decided that we would dig in our heels and tackle this huge endeavor.”
“Shortly after that, during one of our monthly entrepreneurial meetings, we met the key people we needed to pull everything together. We soon realized that it would not be practical for any of us to develop this concept for just one studio. That’s when we decided to systemize it and make it available to other studios. It’s been an amazing journey involving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to get to this point. That’s why it was so encouraging to get more than double the response we anticipated after our presentation in Las Vegas. Obviously there’s a big need for this in the marketplace.”
Haas Photography was started by Gary’s parents, Penny and Duane Haas back in the 1950’s. Throughout the years the Haas family has received numerous awards for photographic excellence and service to the professional photography industry. Penny & Duane are in their mid-nineties now and are constantly amazed at the changes they’ve seen over the years, from B&W photographs with hand oil coloring, to natural color, to digital and now the internet.
Haas Photography specializes in creative high school senior pictures, family pictures and children’s pictures and is located at 110 E Burnett St., Beaver Dam. Visit their website at

Emergency landing and some great customer service

Firetrucks surrounding our planeThought I’d make a quick post about how interesting our plane ride was going to Phoenix.  My dad and I decided to fly Southwest for the first time and we had to make a little “detour.” Still about an hour and a half out from landing, the flight attendants starting going up and down the aisles, searching all the overhead compartments.  They were taking bags out and smelling/feeling around for something.  Obviously we knew something wasn’t right and some of the passengers were getting restless.

Almost immediately, the pilot descended rapidly and stated we had to make an emergency landing.  He also said, “don’t be alarmed by the firetrucks/police waiting on the runway for us.  My dad and I made a couple jokes between us – we usually try to make light of a situation when it’s out of our control.  We ended up landing in Denver with emergency vehicles waiting.  They had us exit the plane while they searched it.  We got a different flight and everything turned out fine.

I wanted to share how happy we were with the customer service of Southwest.  Within a day of the incident, we received a detailed email explaining what had occurred, along with 2 free vouchers to fly again.  Turns out that it was just a burnt out light bulb that produced some smoke/smells.

It was nice to see a company go the extra mile to make sure the customer was completely taken care of.  I’m sure we will be flying Southwest again.


Keepsake Graduation Albums!

We’ve just released an exciting new product called the “Keepsake Graduation Album”— and it’s available just in time for graduation!

So, what is it anyway? We’ve developed a state-of-the-art digital system that allows us to economically & efficiently scan your precious family snapshots. Once they’re scanned, they can be combined with  digital image files and finalized with your favorite images from your senior session to create a Keepsake Graduation Album or a professional music video (perfectly synchronized with the music). Additionally, they can be burned to CD for your own usage or permanently archived for long-term storage.

Imagine… the entire history of your son or daughter from age 0 to age 18 captured in one beautifully designed, custom album. What an incredible keepsake!
To see a sample album and view a short video on how you can have a Keepsake Graduation Album created for your son or daughter, please click here to visit our website right now. You’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to the world of Haas Photography located in Beaver Dam, WI!

Greetings Fans of Haas Photography!

Welcome, finally, to our brand spanking new blog! We have been working diligently and intensely over the past couple months to get everything up and running. We’ve totally re-written our entire website using state-of-the-art website architecture that few people even know about, to give you a better surfing experience. This will allow us to keep you current with up-to-the-minute updates. You’ll see  more and more features being added over the next couple months, so check back often. Who knows, you might even see your own senior portrait show up in one of our image galleries!

We really, really would appreciate any feedback on the design, content and especially ease of use. Is it easy to navigate and understand? Any changes you would suggest?

Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to bring you up to speed on everything that’s been going on around Haas Photography since the beginning of the year. We’re going to start with a history of the studio (after all… this is a 3rd generation business now that my son, Adam, has joined our studio). You’ll find this to be quite interesting as we’ll be talking about over 50 years of photography history. My parents have some interesting stories to tell, too. They should… Dad is 93 and Mom just turned 96 and they’re celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Wow!

Stay tuned! – GDH