Emergency landing and some great customer service

Firetrucks surrounding our planeThought I’d make a quick post about how interesting our plane ride was going to Phoenix.  My dad and I decided to fly Southwest for the first time and we had to make a little “detour.” Still about an hour and a half out from landing, the flight attendants starting going up and down the aisles, searching all the overhead compartments.  They were taking bags out and smelling/feeling around for something.  Obviously we knew something wasn’t right and some of the passengers were getting restless.

Almost immediately, the pilot descended rapidly and stated we had to make an emergency landing.  He also said, “don’t be alarmed by the firetrucks/police waiting on the runway for us.  My dad and I made a couple jokes between us – we usually try to make light of a situation when it’s out of our control.  We ended up landing in Denver with emergency vehicles waiting.  They had us exit the plane while they searched it.  We got a different flight and everything turned out fine.

I wanted to share how happy we were with the customer service of Southwest.  Within a day of the incident, we received a detailed email explaining what had occurred, along with 2 free vouchers to fly again.  Turns out that it was just a burnt out light bulb that produced some smoke/smells.

It was nice to see a company go the extra mile to make sure the customer was completely taken care of.  I’m sure we will be flying Southwest again.


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