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Amazing new technology for school pictures!

Ross Shafer (on left) with Gary HaasAdam and I are sitting in the Phoenix airport waiting for our flight back to Wisconsin. We attended a fantastic conference with leading school picture photographers from around the country. I served as a judge for the “friendly competition” of ten different teams during the conference.

While there, we learned about some the amazing new technologies that we will be able to offer our schools beginning already this spring. Most of it involves making it easier for our school picture customers to place their orders on-line. After all, this is where kids are “living” already. Customers will be able to pre-order on-line before school picture day or, they can wait to see their picture on-line (with full security) or they can place an order months later. There are now over 630 items available!

Here’s another really cool thing that will be helpful for families where the kid wants something different than the parents… For instance, at the high school and middle school levels, kids often prefer their hair hanging a little bit in their eyes with little or no smile, but mom wants to see the whole face and would die if there wasn’t a smile. With this new technology, we can take several pictures of the subject and the parents/students will be able to see them before they place their order. And, they can each order from a different picture. It’s awesome.

If you’re a school principal or secretary and would like more information, please give us a call at Haas Photography at 920-885-4670 and ask for Gary.

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PS. The attached photo is a shot of me (on the right) with Ross Shafer. Ross was the keynote speaker for the convention and I was really impressed by his presentation. Ross walks the walk… he has ‘Re-Invented’ himself from a small town pet shop manager… to a headlining stand-up comedian… to a multiple Emmy™ Award-Winning television host… to a leading Human Resources training film producer… to one of the most sought after motivational Keynote Speakers on the subjects of Business Relevance, Fresh Practices, Customer Empathy™, and Sustaining Growth. He had some amazing insights into human behavior and I especially enjoyed his ideas on how businesses can re-invent themselves to match the ever-changing needs of the local market. Here’s a link to his official website if you’re interested…