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Haas donates services to local school

One of the great joys of living and working and growing up in the same community is that you develop lifelong relationships with the people and businesses and schools that you deal with.

Recently I was able to donate my photography skills to Washington Elementary school in Beaver Dam by doing an “all-school” portrait. The picture was done in the gym and included all of the kids and teachers and staff for the entire school. The picture was done to commemorate the winter Olympics. The school has a tradition of hosting fun, Olympic-style competitions at their school whenever the Olympics is going on.

What was particularly neat was that each grade level was wearing t-shirts based one of the Olympic ring colors.

I created the photograph from high up a ladder with an extremely wide angle lens. The kids were super-cooperative and really had a blast. I did, too!

The portrait we donated will be on permanent display as part of an all-school art piece in the cafeteria.

The pictures below are from the unveiling ceremony yesterday for the art piece.

Over the years I have put on numerous “visiting artist” programs for schools in the Beaver Dam area. If you’re interested in such a presentation, please contact Haas Photography at 920-885-4670.

Washington Elementary School

The "unveiling" ceremony

Washington School Olympic Portrait

Washington School Olympic Portrait