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Amazing new technology for school pictures!

Ross Shafer (on left) with Gary HaasAdam and I are sitting in the Phoenix airport waiting for our flight back to Wisconsin. We attended a fantastic conference with leading school picture photographers from around the country. I served as a judge for the “friendly competition” of ten different teams during the conference.

While there, we learned about some the amazing new technologies that we will be able to offer our schools beginning already this spring. Most of it involves making it easier for our school picture customers to place their orders on-line. After all, this is where kids are “living” already. Customers will be able to pre-order on-line before school picture day or, they can wait to see their picture on-line (with full security) or they can place an order months later. There are now over 630 items available!

Here’s another really cool thing that will be helpful for families where the kid wants something different than the parents… For instance, at the high school and middle school levels, kids often prefer their hair hanging a little bit in their eyes with little or no smile, but mom wants to see the whole face and would die if there wasn’t a smile. With this new technology, we can take several pictures of the subject and the parents/students will be able to see them before they place their order. And, they can each order from a different picture. It’s awesome.

If you’re a school principal or secretary and would like more information, please give us a call at Haas Photography at 920-885-4670 and ask for Gary.

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PS. The attached photo is a shot of me (on the right) with Ross Shafer. Ross was the keynote speaker for the convention and I was really impressed by his presentation. Ross walks the walk… he has ‘Re-Invented’ himself from a small town pet shop manager… to a headlining stand-up comedian… to a multiple Emmy™ Award-Winning television host… to a leading Human Resources training film producer… to one of the most sought after motivational Keynote Speakers on the subjects of Business Relevance, Fresh Practices, Customer Empathy™, and Sustaining Growth. He had some amazing insights into human behavior and I especially enjoyed his ideas on how businesses can re-invent themselves to match the ever-changing needs of the local market. Here’s a link to his official website if you’re interested…

Keepsake Graduation Albums!

We’ve just released an exciting new product called the “Keepsake Graduation Album”— and it’s available just in time for graduation!

So, what is it anyway? We’ve developed a state-of-the-art digital system that allows us to economically & efficiently scan your precious family snapshots. Once they’re scanned, they can be combined with  digital image files and finalized with your favorite images from your senior session to create a Keepsake Graduation Album or a professional music video (perfectly synchronized with the music). Additionally, they can be burned to CD for your own usage or permanently archived for long-term storage.

Imagine… the entire history of your son or daughter from age 0 to age 18 captured in one beautifully designed, custom album. What an incredible keepsake!
To see a sample album and view a short video on how you can have a Keepsake Graduation Album created for your son or daughter, please click here to visit our website right now. You’ll be glad you did!

Makeup Tips For Your Senior Portraits

Doing your makeup for a photograph is nothing like doing your makeup for the everyday. Girls who realize that are a step ahead of the game when it comes to their senior pictures. Surely you have seen the tragic senior portraits of girls who never had a makeup lesson, right? Too much black eyeliner, big glossy lips, and a trendy razored ‘do that does nothing for their features?

Here are the tips and tricks that you simply must know when doing your makeup and hair for your senior pictures:

  • Foundation – Much as foundation is the key to building a house, it is also the key for building a great face. A lot of clear skinned girls may use a foundation with a shiny or translucent finish; however, in photos, this will definitely give the appearance of an oily face. Instead, use a matte finish liquid foundation and seal it with a loose powder. Avoid mineral makeup – while these powdered gems are great for the everyday, they just don’t work in photos.
  • Eyes – This is the one secret you need to maximize your makeup in your senior pics: Ready? Do not put anything below your eyes besides a slight touch of mascara! Even if you look great with a little lower eyeliner in real life, this will make you totally goth in your senior portraits. Instead, focus on your top lid. Use a neutral color on your lids, and just a whisper of darker powder along your eyelashes. Consider a little shimmer on your brow bone to create contrast.
  • Lips – Lip liner is totally Pam Anderson, and so totally nineties. However, a neutral lip liner that matches the natural color of your kisser is awesome for senior photos. If gives great definition, and gives a base for your lipstick. Avoid lip-gloss – it looks a little too shiny in photos, and can draw focus away from your eyes.
  • Hair – A sleek up-do is usually the best bet. After all, your grandma totally wants to see your pretty face, right? However, if you just plain aren’t an up-do girl, consider a simple blowout the day before you take your senior portraits. Your hair should look simple and sleek, not greasy or overdone. Short haired girls will do well to avoid the mousse or gel they use in the everyday – A lot of product tends to catch the light, and give a “dirty” look in the finished products.

Remember the old adage of “keep it simple, silly!” or “KISS.” A nice subdued look is sure to make you look awesome, and give you senior portraits that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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Still freaking out about your senior photos? At Haas Photography, we have the skills and expertise to help you make the most of your senior pictures. Visit us for some tips, tricks, and resources.

Keeping Acne Out Of Your Senior Pictures

Senior year can be one of the toughest years of a person’s life. Besides preparing and planning for college, one has to deal with passing all of their classes and exams, even during bouts of “senioritis.”

However, amidst all of the chaos, it is important to find time to plan your senior portraits. Your senior portraits will be the pictures that you have to remember your high school experience by. When taking your high school pictures, it is crucial that you look your best. However, this can be extremely difficult for those high school seniors who struggle with acne. Even if you have suffered from unwanted blemishes all through your high school career, you certainly do not want these pesky pimples to ruin your senior portraits. Here are some tips on how to keep unwanted acne out of your senior pictures.

  • The Right Makeup – Of course, the most obvious way to conceal blemishes is makeup. The equation for a smooth finish is concealer plus foundation and finishing with a loose powder. Guys with acne shouldn’t be embarrassed to use a little makeup in their senior portraits. If done correctly, nobody will be able to notice in the finished product.
  • Prepare – Be sure to prepare for your senior pictures up to three months in advance by employing a good skin care regimen. The right skin care can make a dramatic difference in your complexion. High school students struggling with acne should use a sensitive skin facial cleanser, a toner or cream with at least 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and an oil-free moisturizer. Avoid touching your face, and drink plenty of water.
  • Photoshop – If all else fails, most photography studios do indeed offer photoshop and retouching. This technique can dramatically improve your complexion, and turn bumpy skin blemish free. Be sure to look at samples of the studio’s work before proceeding with their services – This includes seeing a “before” picture. You don’t want to go with a studio that is going to make dramatic changes to your senior pictures. You want to look like yourself, just a better version of yourself.

Even when you are done with your senior portraits, it is a good idea to employ a good skin care regimen if you struggle with acne. This involves a proper diet, a healthy amount of exercise, and the right products. Unfortunately, your senior photographs can be photoshopped – Your real-life cannot be!
About the Author (HTML)
Still freaking out about your senior photos? At Haas Photography, we have the skills and expertise to help you make the most of your senior pictures. Visit us for some tips, tricks, and resources.