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How To Look Ten Pounds Thinner In Professional Portraits

When a woman has to get her photograph taken, rarely is she thinking, “I can’t wait!” Rather, the thought usually going through her mind is “I need to lose ten pounds!” Are you having professional or business card portraits taken in the near future? Instead of crash dieting or starving yourself, just use some simple and instant techniques to create the illusion of a ten-pound weight loss.

To help you create a sleek and thin look in your professional portraits, we have compiled some of the best strategies on how to look fabulous on film. Don’t worry – none of them involve a carrot-only diet or hours on the treadmill!

Black, Black, Black – OK, so this one may sound like a cliché. However, it simply cannot be stressed enough – black clothing is a woman’s best friend when it comes to looking slimmer on camera. Tailored black suits are the ultimate secret weapon of women who want to look slimmer on film. Is black simply not your color? No matter what hue you choose, make sure it’s dark.

Contour Your Jaw – If you have a double chin, even the most close-up of headshots can be a nerve-racking endeavor. However, not to worry: A little bit of brown blush or bronzer can easily help you to conceal this flaw. Simply blend along your jaw line (underneath your face, at the lower point where your neck meets your jaw). This technique creates a division between your face and neck, enabling a flawless finish.

Wear Your Hair Down – Although an up-do may appear more professional, long hair is a great way to slim your face and upper body. Hair that is worn down and curled/styled for optimal volume is great for not only creating the appearance of a slimmer face, but for drawing attention up. To give your hair a boost without too much teasing or styling, use a large barrel curling iron, focusing on the front of your face. After, loosen the curls by combing through with your fingers, to create loose and voluminous waves.

Before the day of your photo shoot, consider avoiding salt and carbonated beverages. Both of these can cause you to retain water, which can create a false appearance of excess weight (especially in your face). As always, drink tons of ice cold water. The idea of drinking more water to shed annoying water weight may seem counterintuitive, but trust us – it works!

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